When I was in kindergarten my teacher sent a snarky note to my mom in September, complaining that I’d used up my crayons “already”. My mom simply thought the note was funny and didn’t see any problem.

I became a freelance illustrator, entrepreneur, educator and public speaker. Decades later, I’m still using up my art supplies! My predominantly light-hearted illustrations reflect my jovial nature and suit a broad range of applications. I’m renowned for turning around assignments at high speed to meet tight “we need it yesterday” deadlines. (Ask me about my dictionary story – it’s a corker.)

Clients include: Oxford University Press, Key Porter Books, Cosmo UK, The LA Times, Weight Watchers, Toronto Life, Taxi Advertising, Random House, Chiat Day, The Body Shop, Spy Magazine, Scholastic, Report on Business, US Air Magazine, Penguin Books, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Hospital for Sick Children, Newsweek, Cottage Life, MacLaren Lintas, Houghton Mifflin, The Canadian Heraldic Authority.

In addition to illustration, I’m available for teaching, guest lecturing, public speaking and private business consultation. Please contact me for more information about services.


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